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StartBookkeepingHow to Process Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Online

How to Process Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Online

set up credit card in quickbooks

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You can use the native QuickBooks software or you can lower your QuickBooks credit card processing fees by using a QuickBooks credit card integration like EBizCharge. Accepting credit card payments is a great way to increase your cash flow. Not every customer carries cash and checks take much longer to process than credit cards. If your company uses QuickBooks to record payments, you can also use this software to accept credit cards. You have just learned how to enter credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online.

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This tab contains information on all the accounts attached to the software, so, the connection process starts from here. The Banking option is also available that can help the user to add the account to the QuickBooks Online software. After you add the credit card account in the accounting software, it can make the transactions automatic rather than entering each of the details manually. Select the “Banking” tab, then “Reconcile.” You will then be prompted to enter in the statement date and ending balance as found on the credit card statement. Select the Credit Card account from the dropdown list. It will then display a list of transactions, and you should review the transactions listed and check the box next to any transaction that matches the statement.

How to track business credit cards in QuickBooks 2021

To do this, click that creative accounting definition, go to Account and Settings and then choose the Sales tab. The customer can follow an email link they’ve received from the seller to pay an online open sales invoice. Otherwise, the seller can perform the following steps in QuickBooks Online. Intuit Merchant Services meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for credit card acceptance, including protecting card data.


Earlier, I told that you that once the invoice is sent, if you’re using QuickBooks Credit Card Payments, your job is done. QuickBooks Online does all the rest of the work for you. As long as your customer pays online, you’re done.

Adding your Credit Card Account to QuickBooks Desktop

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into account multiple data points for each financial product and service. Is not authorised by the Dutch Central Bank to process payments or issue e-money. An application under Electronic Money regulations 2011 has been submitted and is in process.

Ufuoma Ogaga is the CEO of Goshen Accounting Services, which focuses on providing accounting, payroll, and advisory services to nonprofit organizations. There are two ways to set up credit cards in QuickBooks Online depending on the number of cards you have and whether or not you also have employee cards. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business. When you’re finished entering the transaction details, click on the green Save and close button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Create a new expense transaction by clicking on + New at the top of the left menu bar and selecting Expense under the Vendors column, as shown below.

Customer online invoice portal

QuickBooks can accept credit cards with QB Payments, using the customer’s choice of Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The transaction fees vary, depending on the method used . A flat-rate credit card processing fee of 25 cents per transaction is charged by Intuit Merchant Services, besides their percentage-of-transaction-amount fee. Some accountants and bookkeepers are used to manually entering transactions from receipts, then reconciling the receipts to the credit card statement.

For instance, choose where the payment came if you are editing a transfer on the credit card account. You should set up each credit card as its own account, clearly labeled. Also, connect your credit cards to Online Banking. QuickBooks will then track your expenses as they occur and your books will be perfectly synced with your credit cards.

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This is why a user should know how to add a credit card account to QuickBooks. Manually entering credit card transactions provides you with the most accurate and up-to-date financials in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Pro. Linking your credit card account to QuickBooks Online or importing transactions in large batches can save you a lot of time. However, it is possible to manually enter credit card transactions on QuickBooks Online if necessary. Below we provide step-by-step instructions for all three methods. When you make a credit card payment, select record as credit card payment.

QuickBooks Pro looks different from QuickBooks Online, but the process is somewhat similar. Before manually entering your credit card charges, ensure you have your credit card included within your chart of accounts. The bank account reconciliation ensures all transactions are recorded. Credit card reconciliation facilitates the process of making a credit card payment. The amount that will be paid will be entered. The credit card errors discussed here involve the credit cards clients possess and use to make charges and pay for expenses.


https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ uses a system-generated account or category called undeposited funds to record all receive payment and sales receipts documents. Undeposited funds is a holding account for received payment and sales receipts documents that have not been deposited in one of your bank accounts. At first, this won’t make much sense, but it greatly simplifies the process of creating customer deposits. You should always select undeposited funds in the deposit to dropdown field in a receive payment and sales receipt document.

Amanda Harpster is a Client Advisory Services Manager at Lutz with over 14 years of relevant experience. She focuses on QuickBooks support, tax and payroll compliance, and small business consulting. You will find errors or other problems without waiting for a bank statement. Now, the credit card that you want to use has to be clicked twice. The username and its password are to be entered for the bank’s website.

receive payment

GoPayment is used to pay-as-you-go or receive payments from anywhere, at any time, on the cloud. Additionally, you might have just switched to QuickBooks Online. If this is the case, when you connect the bank feed for the first time, certain banks/credit cards only allow a small window of past transactions to be downloaded into QuickBooks Online. Typically, this is days of transactions prior to the current date. Manually uploading bank data combined with bank rules can save you a lot of time by reducing the time of data entry.

Once you confirm that all transactions are correct and in the proper expense account, click the Save & New button. There are so many ways to utilize the credit card functionality in QuickBooks. The key is to get it to work for you according to your specific business needs, not make the process more difficult to track and manage. On the Banking screen click the drop-down arrow on the Link account button and select Upload from file.

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This is the most labor-intensive and least convenient way to move transactions into QuickBooks Desktop. It requires that you log into your bank’s website and download a QuickBooks-compatible file, then upload it into QuickBooks Desktop. This option does allow you to select only the date range you want to import. One of the five best things about QuickBooks Desktop is its ability to download transactions from your financial institutions. The software has been capable of this for a long time, so this function has matured nicely and is protected by bank-grade security protocols.


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